socially responsible

We build upon the training and experience that small-scale partnering producers have already gained in cultivating and processing certified (fair trade, organic, UEBT) essential oils, herbs, spices and medicinal plants for local and export markets, focusing on female-headed rural households as they are in the majority. Our partner farmers work together with us to improve processing methods and to certify the crops they grow in Zimbabwe according to international standards. The Trust recognizes that the best way to ensure continual economic growth is to enhance lasting social structures within the farming communities it cooperates with. So Organic Africa engages in the following community activities:

  • Training in sustainable livelihoods, healthy diet, preventable diseases, general hygiene, rainwater harvesting, compost toilets
  • Training in organizational development
  • Training in community action and community theatre on gender issues
  • Supporting the increasing number of orphans within the farming communities
  • Facilitating HIV and AIDS prevention and care for the farmers and their families, as well as linking them to appropriate counselling and health services
  • Adult literacy courses for members of the farmers’ associations
  • Income and employment generation through value-adding processing, particularly for female-headed households