A holistic approach to farming in Africa

Organic Africa’s farming and wild harvesting using on-farm solar dryers brings value addition to remote rural areas in a way that has never been done before.

Organic farming ensures the sustainability of Organic Africa’s unique blend of socially responsible entrepreneurship as its principles are not restricted to the crops that partner farmers export: they build the foundation for an increase in productivity of all crops that the small-scale producers grow.

Organic farming enables the small-scale farmers to escape the vicious cycle of heavy reliance on imported inputs, unsustainable methods of farming, volatile produce markets, low producer prices, and lack of marketing. It also provides them with the opportunity to participate in carbon trading.

Our Fair Trade label guarantees that our partner farmers are paid a fair price and have the opportunity to develop long-lasting market linkages. Moreover, by placing a value on indigenous plant resources, we provide our wild collectors and small-scale producers with a strong incentive to conserve those resources.