Organic Africa now cooperates with more than 2500 small-scale farmers and their families in the subsistence rural areas harvesting a variety of indigenous plants to produce organic essential oils, as well as herbs and spices. Our business concept works as we have a reliable international market for our products and this market is growing annually in the double-digit range. In fact, high quality, fair trade organic products constitute one of the fastest growing agricultural markets in the world.

Certified organic essential oils, herbs, spices and medicinal plants are ideal for export since they are low volume, easily storable, high price products with minimal transport costs. Flexibility, reliability and timeliness are all eased by the fact that dried herbs and spices are non-perishable goods, while essential oils can be stored for some years, gaining higher value in the first 12 to 36 months. Organic Africa is currently the only company in Zimbabwe and in the region successfully producing internationally certified essential oils, herbs and spices with small-scale farmers, particularly women, as well as linking them to international fair trade markets.