About Us

Behind the scenes at Organic Africa

Organic Africa Rosella

Organic Africa is a socially responsible entrepreneurship that was founded in 2007.

We are currently working with small-scale farmers and wild collectors all over Zimbabwe.

We have tapped into the enormous potential of value-added organic production, processing and marketing of premium value herbs, spices and medicinal plants, drawing upon indigenous knowledge systems and building on existing networks. We offer training to all our partner farmers in organic farming and certification, reducing their reliance on harmful chemicals. We believe in ethical and sustainable partnerships as a means of achieving the very best quality products, which are all internationally certified (Organic EU and NOP and Fair Trade).

We offer long- term contracts providing our partner farmers with better market linkages and guaranteeing better prices, thus generating employment creation and improved income as well as increased food security. We enable farmers to shift part of their income towards educating their children, better health care, and a better quality of life.

If you purchase our products, you can be sure that:

You are supporting some of the poorest rural communities in Zimbabwe

Every producer is paid a fair price

You are giving an economic boost to a majority of women farmers

Every product has been sustainably cultivated or wild harvested

You are helping to conserve biodiversity

You are getting the best quality